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AAK's Capital Market Day

AAK's Capital Market Day is a recurring event where analysts, investors, and media representatives are presented with information on AAK's business strategies as well as financial updates.

Virtual Capital Market Day 2020

AAK AB hereby invites analysts, investors and media to its virtual Capital Market Day on November 17, 2020. The virtual event consists of presentations from selected AAK executives and managers as well as a live Q&A webcast. 


AAK's President and CEO Johan Westman will, together with Fredrik Nilsson, CFO, and Anne Mette Olesen, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, update the financial market and media on AAK's strategy and business, financial development and progress within the sustainability area. In addition, Sten Estrup, President Asia, will give a presentation on AAK's development in Asia and Niall Sands, President Plant-based Foods, will give an update on the company's solutions for plant-based products. 

All presentations will be held in English.


November 17 at 8:00 a.m. CET
The presentations will be available on

November 17 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. CET
A live Q&A webcast with all presenters. A personal link to join the webcast will be sent to participants in due time. Please note that questions for the live Q&A webcast cannot be submitted beforehand.  

November 18
A recording of the Q&A webcast will be published on after the event. 


Registration is now closed. For inquiries, please contact  

Q&A webcast from the Capital Market Day 2020

Recording of the live Q&A webcast on November 17, 2020 

Panel members: 

  • Johan Westman, President and CEO
  • Fredrik Nilsson, CFO
  • Anne Mette Olesen, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer
  • Tim Stephenson, President Global Sourcing & Trading (via link from the U.K.)
  • Sten Estrup, President Asia (via link from Singapore)
  • Niall Sands, President Plant-based Foods (via link from Ireland)


Fredrik Nilsson



AAK's Capital Market Day 2019

Presentations from AAK's Capital Market Day 2019.



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