AAK opens new innovation centre in Antwerp, Belgium

On February 21, a new innovation centre for bakery applications was officially opened in Antwerp, Belgium.

 This fully equipped laboratory encompasses a highly experienced team dedicated and ready to co-develop new bakery innovations together with customers in the bakery sector and will also offer practical courses and showcase new product innovations though the AAK Bakery Academy.

“The future of food and food ingredients is poised for a surge in innovation. I am thrilled to see how our global innovation network is expanding and how we can leverage opportunities with our plant-based multi-oil ingredients solutions. Now we can continue to partner up with customers in the European bakery sector to make better innovation happen. With our experience, knowledge, and co-development capabilities we are a vital partner in our customers' success as well as part of the global shift towards a more sustainable food system.”, says Johan Westman, President and CEO.