Is supercritical CO₂ a better solution for more sustainable production methods at AAK?

AAK and Lund University have received a grant from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research to investigate if it is feasible for AAK to replace organic solvents with green and sustainable supercritical CO₂ in the factories.

“We are keen to be a part of the research work on this topic during the next four years and evaluate if this is the best way to future-proof important production processes in our factories,” says Jeppe Hjorth, Process Development Manager at AAK.

Supercritical CO₂ is a fluid-like state of carbon dioxide that can resemble organic solvents in terms of solubility but with a viscosity much closer to gas. These features, together with its green profile (non-toxic, non-fossil based, renewable), make it an interesting alternative as a solvent for AAK.