Meeting consumer demand

with ISCC-certified shea and RSPO-certified palm

Enabling a deforestation-free claim with ILLEXAO™ SC 70

Consumer focus on sustainability has never been as acute as now. As demonstrated at COP26 in November 2021, deforestation-free ranks as one of the most important issues next to climate change and air pollution. Meanwhile, raised consumer awareness is putting pressure on producers to ensure a supply of deforestation-free end products.

There is a need for chocolate manufacturers to transform the supply chains of their different ingredients, such as plant-based oil blends, in order for them to support a solid deforestation-free claim. Still, the existence of numerous different certifications creates complexity and causes consumer confusion, highlighting the need for clear communication. As a consequence, deforestation-free messaging and labeling should be made easily available in consumer brand communication.

After having scanned the supply chains for appropriate certification standards, AAK has chosen the ones deemed most suitable, reliable, and scalable for the purpose of helping our customers to make clear consumer communication. Based on ISCC-certified shea and RSPO-certified palm, AAK is able to support a deforestation-free claim for our highly functional ILLEXAO™ SC 70, a plant-based solution used for chocolate and confectionery.

Our concept can be applied to other solutions as well, and by supporting the market uptake for certified solutions, we help our customers conduct clear consumer communication.