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Popcorn in a healthier way

Stable prices and reduced saturated fatty acids

Healthier popcorn with AKOSNAC Y

Popcorn lovers get a healthier product and manufacturers reduce costs with AKOSNAC Y, our alternative to coconut oil in popcorn production.

Popcorn is a very popular snack food in China. Many Chinese popcorn manufacturers use coconut oil in their production which is not ideal since coconut oil prices tend to fluctuate and are quite expensive from time to time.

Reducing SFA by 40%

Furthermore, coconut oil has a high content of saturated fatty acids (SFA 90%), which is why manufacturers, focusing on cost-efficiency and health, have started to look for alternatives. To support the manufacturers, AAK China has developed a solution called AKOSNAC Y. The solution, which is blended vegetable oils, has reduced SFA by 40% compared to traditional coconut oil, while still ensuring the flavor.

Stable prices

AKOSNAC Y has a higher performance in color and flavour than traditional coconut oil and can be added into popcorn recipes with the same proportions as simple refined oil. In addition, AKOSNAC Y is much more price stable compared to coconut oil.

Getting rid of waste and odor

Another customer challenge, particularly in colder climates, is that coconut oil must be put into a tank and melted from solid to liquid prior to production. This causes a lot of waste, bad odor, and an increased peroxide value in the procedure. After discussions with representatives from production, supply chain, and R&D, we eliminated these negative side effects by creating a 20 liter pail tin package which could be heated by a gas cooker in a very short time, melting the fat into a liquid.

True customer satisfaction

The result—no bad odor and an ensured quality, no tank installation required and lots of manual costs saved. Our customer is very satisfied with AKOSNAC Y and many new customers have shown interest in our solution.

—Alva Zhang, Marketing and Business Development Manager, AAK China

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